❖ Registration

⌕  What is the training program cost and what all does it cover?

The program fee for the 21 weeks Hatha Yoga Teacher’s training program is USD 9,000 (for overseas participants) / INR 5,50,000 (for Indian citizens residing in India) for about 1750 hours of training. Accommodation rent would be extra based on the category of accommodation opted for, starting from USD 1000 (for overseas participants) and INR 50,000 (for Indian citizens residing in India). The program fee includes:

☛  Tuition Fee

☛  Training Material

☛  Practice Material

☛  Bhuta Shuddhi Kit

☛  2 sets of practice clothing suited for Hatha Yoga

☛  Post Training Support, including ongoing practice corrections and new teaching material.

☛  Introduction to classical South Indian medicine, the ancient Siddha science.

☛  Classes and materials in anatomy and physiology.

☛  Job placement opportunities.

☛  Access to a growing network of teachers and teaching opportunities

⌕ What is the teacher training program schedule?

The Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program is a very disciplined and intense process. It will require 100% involvement in all sessions and full commitment to the process.

Daily schedule: The day begins promptly at 5:30 am and usually ends in the night by 9:30pm. Practice sessions will be in the morning and evening. Rest of the day is dedicated to classroom and teaching aspects. The ashram follows a two meals system – brunch and dinner, with a snack in the afternoon.

☛ 100% attendance in all classes is mandatory.

☛ Students are expected to follow the program schedule strictly.

☛ All participants must stay in the Yoga Center premises for the complete duration of the training program, unless they are going on a trek or excursion organized by the program.

⌕ Is there any Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program available outside India?

Due to the unique nature of the program and the environment in which it is being conducted, the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program is only being offered at the Yoga Center in Coimbatore, India. This space has been designed in such a way that it is incredibly supportive for the training, allowing trainees to push past their limitations and commit themselves in a very profound way.

⌕  Are there any sponsorship or discounts available?

No sponsorships or discounts are being offered.

❖ Program Eligilbility and Support

⌕ What is the eligibility criteria to be a part of the Kailash Manasarovar sojourn?

  • ☛  You must be medically fit, holding a valid passport with 180 days of validity.
  • ☛  Entry into Tibet on diplomatic passport is not permitted.
  • ☛  People above 65 years of age are requested to undergo additional medical tests to determine their physical fitness.

⌕ Is there an age limit?

Participants must be between 18 and 65 years of age. Participants below the age of 18 must either be accompanied by a parent/guardian or a consent form needs to be signed by them. People above 65 years of age are requested to undergo additional medical tests to determine their physical fitness.

⌕ How do I get visas to Nepal and Tibet?

A valid passport is needed with a minimum validity of 180 days from the last date of the Kailash sojourn.

  • ☛   Indian nationals do not require a visa for Nepal
  • ☛  Non-Indian nationals require a 15-day multiple entry visa which can be availed on arrival at Kathmandu airport, Nepal.
  • ☛   Visa for Tibet will be organized by Track Kailash .

❖  Expenditures and Travel

⌕  Will there be any major expenditure apart from the program cost?

There could be expenses, if you choose to hire a pony or a porter during the trek.

⌕  How many hours of travel is involved at a stretch?

You may be required to travel for a 5 hr – 8 hr stretch.

⌕ What are the arrangements for communication en-route?

Pay phones are available almost everywhere. BSNL and Airtel cell phones work fairly well in the Himalayan region.

⌕   Could you give me details on the accommodation conveniences provided?

Although home to many scenic and tourist places where there has been a lot of development, the places of pilgrimage still remain very basic in terms of conveniences. Therefore, the quality of accommodation can be very basic and it may be necessary at times to share a room with a few others.

❖ Medical

⌕ Do we need to undergo medical tests? Why is it necessary?

Yes. You are required to trek through high altitude regions. In such places, air pressure and density is decreased compared to mean sea level and people may suffer from hypoxia (oxygen deficiency). Participants hence need to be screened thoroughly before they are exposed to high altitudes.

⌕ I have been to high altitude last year and my stay was uneventful. Do I need a medical exam?

Yes, it is necessary to undergo medical examination every time before going to a high altitude region.

⌕ How can I qualify medically?

By undergoing all the medical tests mentioned in the medical form and consulting your physician about your fitness to travel to a high altitude of 19,000 feet and above.

⌕ Do I need to carry the medicines which I have been taking and prescribed by my doctor ?

Yes, you are advised to take sufficient stock of medicines to last the entire duration of the trip.

❖  Facilities and Amenities

⌕  In case of emergencies, what are the steps that will be taken by you?

A qualified and well-equipped doctor specially trained to handle high-altitude sickness and other conditions that may arise, will accompany you throughout the program.

⌕  Where can I buy warm clothing and shoes? Any recommendations?

Warm clothing such as thermal wears, gloves, woolen socks, etc are available in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, etc. For shoes, any brand such as Nike, Adidas or Reebok offers good water-resistant shoes and are available in almost all cities and towns.

❖  Other Travel Destinations

⌕ Can I go for Mt. Everest and Mukthinath?

Going to Mt. Everest is not recommended given the high rate of aircraft accidents. Travel to Mukthinath is possible if the weather is good and you are willing to stay for an extra 3 – 5 days along with the additional cost.